Palestine Islamic Bank Donates to Toubas Zakat Committee

Palestine Islamic Bank distributed winter covers for families in need at Tubas Governorate headquarters. The donations were accepted at PIB branch in Tubas, with the presence of Mr. Ahmad Asaad, Acting Governor of Tubas, Mr. Fawwaz Abu Dawas, Head of Tubas Zakat Committee, Mr. Samir Mubaslat, Vice-Chairman of the Zakat Committee, Mr. Raed Nazzal, Directorate of Social Development Director, Mr. Fawwaz Daraghmeh, Public Relations Director at the Palestinian Intelligence Agency, Mr. Abdallah Daraghmeh, Director of Public Affairs.

The donations were handed to the Governorate and Directorate of Social Development, along with the Zakat Committee as part of “Spread a Smile” campaign in its third edition which aimed at collecting in-kind donations for the winter season from PIB staff.

Mr. Bayan Qasem, General Manager of Palestine Islamic Bank said: “We are doing the best we can through our social responsibility program at the Bank to support all segments of our society, individuals or institutions in all governorates around the country. We carry a vision that aims to rise with our community and support it’s institutions in order to create a strong national economy capable of meeting challenges”.

Mr. Qasem stated that Palestine Islamic Bank dedicates 35% of its social responsibility program budget to support the educational and health sectors, which contribute to the building of our country and enable the community to perform the tasks that are required from it the best way possible. Qasem added that he considers investing in humans is the best way towards having a healthy and developed society.

He extended his thanks to the Governorate and Zakat Committee of Tubas for their tremendous efforts in supporting and providing services to citizens in the governorate, he stressed on the importance of partnerships and cooperation between all our institutions in supporting and strengthening the steadfastness of the Palestinian people, wishing them a blessed year, full of achievements.

Mr. Ahmad Asaad, Acting Governor of Tubas thanked Palestine Islamic Bank’s management and staff members for their notable role in supporting local community institutions, and for their constant cooperation with Tubas Governorate, pointing out that PIB bank was able to put its mark in the governorate of Tubas within a short period of time, which shows the loyalty to the work and the correct strategy followed by the bank.

During his speech, Mr. Fawaz Abu Dawas, Director of Zakat Committee in Tubas, extended his thanks to Palestine Islamic Bank for its non-stop contributions in supporting the Zakat committee, and for sponsoring many activities in the town, the latest one was a group Iftar for orphanage during the month of Ramadan, he added that Tubas Zakat committee cooperated with Palestine Islamic Bank in its campaign “Spread a Smile” in its three editions, where the committee received donations that were distributed to the beneficiaries in the town. At the end of the speech, Abu Dawas presented an honorary shield to the bank's management in recognition of its efforts.