PIB is pleased to announce to its shareholders that as of Tuesday 23/04/2019, their cash dividends for the fiscal year ended 31/12/2018 amounting  to 8.5% of the nominal value of the share will be distributed to shareholders 17/04/2019 in all branches of the PIB.

Accordingly, shareholders of the PIB (shareholders of the above mentioned date) are kindly requested to approach the nearest branch of the Bank to receive their profits.

Shareholders wishing to transfer their dividends to their bank accounts can send the information below to info@islamicbank.ps or fax 0097022979787, which is:

  • Name of the company or the company's commercial name.
  • Bank name
  • Branch name and number
  • Account number
  • IBAN Number
  • Copy of personal identity or passport

As for the distribution of bonus shares of 3 million shares at a nominal value of  USD 1 per share and 4.05% of the nominal value of the shares, they will be added to the shareholders through the Palestine Exchange.

For further information or inquiries, please contact the Finance Department at 0097022949797