As part of its sustainable social responsibility program, Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) attaches special importance to supporting scientific research in Palestine, in recognition of its importance in boosting the development process. Based on that, PIB annually launches the “Palestine Islamic Bank Award for Scientific Research” to encourage researchers to increase their scientific output and conduct genuine research that adds new value to knowledge.

For the second year in a row, the Bank launched this award in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to enhance the collaboration between the private and public sectors, and to ensure maximum participation of researchers from all across the country.

  • The impact of financial technology (FINTECH) on the banking and financial service sector and its applications in the Islamic financial industry.
  • Teaching, learning, and commerce in the technology and artificial intelligence era.
  • Quality assurance in banking and higher education institutions.
  • Applied science (land, water, agriculture) and its role in promoting local production.
  • Health sciences (pandemics and diseases) within the Palestinian context.
  • Research should be published or accepted for publication in a recognized refereed scientific journal that has reputable well-established databases.
  • Submitted research can be part of an approved Master’s or Ph.D. thesis obtained from Palestinian universities.
  • Previously submitted research or research won an award from any other party is not accepted.
  • Research must be original, new, and related to one of the competition fields.
  • Research should be realistic, and its findings and recommendations should be usable for society’s development.
  • Adherence to scientific integrity and scientific research ethics.
  • Commitment to submission time and date deadlines.
  • Research language (Arabic or English) should be clear, coherent, and smooth.
  • Each applicant (individual or group) may submit only one research for this award.
  • Research prepared by more than one researcher is not be accepted unless all co-authors apply for the award. They will be treated equally unless otherwise received in writing.
  • The jury decisions are final and cannot be contested.

Submitted papers and researches will be evaluated by specialized scientific committees, according to comprehensive criteria for relative fields of scientific research that serve the objectives of the competition and relate to its themes, including:

Criteria related to research, including:

  • Originality and theoretical and applied value-added,
  • Possibility of benefitting from findings and recommendations,
  • Paving the way for complementary research.

Criteria related to the problem, including:

  • Defining and formulating the problem in a clear, specific, and searchable way,
  • Relevance of problem questions and hypotheses,
  • Monitoring temporal and spatial determinants,
  • Monitoring relevant assumptions and postulates.

Criteria related to methodology, including:

  • Validity and adequacy of applied methodology,
  • Selection of population and research sample,
  • Construction of data collection tools,
  • Use of quantitative and qualitative measures,
  • Answering questions and hypotheses,
  • Accuracy of documentation, and up-to-dateness and reliability of references.

Criteria related to findings and recommendations, including:

  • Relevance of findings to questions and hypotheses,
  • Construction of findings based on evidence and proof,
  • Objectivity, depth, and comprehension of analysis and discussion of findings,
  • Clear presentation of researcher’s identity, personality, and ability to discuss finding and make recommendations,
  • Verifying the ability to generalize findings,
  • Relevance of recommendations to findings and possibility of benefiting from them.

Criteria related to paper Style, including:

  • Organization, fonts, and formatting,
  • Integrity of reference list, appendices, etc.,
  • Integrity and smoothness of language,
  • Proper number of pages, as per instructions.

Criteria related to researchers, including:

  • Scientific Integrity and confidentiality,
  • Respecting the privacy of co-authors,
  • Commitment and acceptance of full responsibility regarding research content.

The Steering Committee shall be chaired by H.E. Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and shall have the membership of a representative of PIB (General Manager of the Bank), a representative of the Council for Scientific Research and Council for Higher Education, Director General of Scientific Research and Development, Head of Accreditation and Quality Assurance, and Director General of University Education.

  • Researchers and Academics from Palestinian higher education institutions.
  • Postgraduate students from Palestinian universities.
  •  Researchers from scientific research centers, licensed by the Ministry.
  • Research size should not exceed 25 pages, excluding appendices and references.
  • Using Simplified Arabic font for all Arabic text components (size 14), with single spacing.
  • Using Times New Roman font for all English text components (size 13), with single spacing.
  • Using bold style for all titles in the paper.
  • Margins should be 2.5 cm on three sides, except for the beginning of the paper, which should be 3.5 cm.
  • A blank line should be left after the main title. No space after the subtitle.
  • A blank line should be left between successive paragraphs.
  • No indentation should be left at the beginning of paragraphs.

Electronic submission should be made by completing all required information and the documents below, at the link:

Application deadline is Jan 16 /2022

  • A nomination letter from the institution or scientific research center (for discussion).
  • Filling in the application form.
  • ID copy.
  • Brief CV (no more than two pages).
  • Submitting a word-version document and a PDF-version copy of the research.
  • Proof of publication or acceptance.

The results will be announced through a press conference hosted by the Ministry, in the presence of representatives from the Ministry, the Bank, Universities, winning researchers, and the media.