Suppliers Qualifying Announcement

Palestine Islamic Bank announces its intention to update the Bank’s record for qualified and accredited suppliers and companies specialized in providing various asset supplies, services and materials such as executing Bidding Procedures for any construction work the Bank requires, whether in its headquarters or the existing and/or future branches. This includes but not limited to:

  • Supply of capital assets: Servers, computers, printers, telecom equipment and networks, furniture and decoration, office equipment/supplies… etc.
  • Supply of consumables: Stationery, prints, ink, hospitality and consumption items, fuel , cleaning detergents, etc..
  • Provide various services including: Maintenance, cleaning services, security services, travel and restaurants and hotel bookings, consultation services, translation and editing, advertisement, printing and design, express delivery and mail services, giveaways, etc..
  • Events management agencies.
  • Photography, video and animation.
  • Staff Training Programs providers (locally and internationally)

We call upon suppliers (agencies and/or individuals/freelancers) who have the interest in being listed for our Palestine Islamic Bank’s record for qualified and accredited suppliers to present their documents in accordance with their respective fields for the purposes of being listed and then invited to respond to the bank’s RFPs.

Terms of Application:

  • Provide the supplier’s portfolio including the area of expertise and attainments in the field of specialization, information and contact details (telephone, fax, email, website, ...)
  • Provide Catalogues for the items and products in perspective including photographs and technical specifications.
  • Registered Companies are requested to submit the licensed worker certificate along with the ability to provide VAT invoices and valid Deduction at Source Certificate.
  • Suppliers should have a Palestine Islamic Bank account.
  • Applications must be submitted no later than 31.01.2018 through PIB website or through Palestine Islamic Bank’s official email, or accessing the “suppliers” page and filling out the online application available on

All supporting documents are to be submitted through the official email or by hand to the Procurement Department either in the Main Headquarters located in Ramallah/Al-Masyoun or in Gaza Regional HQ located in Al-Nasr Street/Gaza.

For further inquiries, please address the bank directly through, or by phone and address the Procurement Department.


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