Palestine Islamic Bank was founded in 1995 commencing its banking activities in early 1997 with an authorized capital of 100 million shares and a face value of US $1 per share. In 2017 the paid capital was increased to US $69 million.And in 2018 In 2017 the paid capital was increased to US $74 million

The Bank conducts its banking, financial, commercial and investment business according to Islamic Sharia, with a network of 43 branches and offices and 79 ATMs throughout Palestine with ambitious plans to bring the number of its branches to 55 branches and offices by 2020, thus confirming its identity as the largest Islamic banking network in Palestine.

The Bank realizes its vision as the leading Palestinian Islamic bank providing the utmost in excellence and quality in Islamic banking services to meet customer needs and requirements.

The Bank offers Islamic banking services and works to develop and attract highly efficient cadres, reinforcing its message of excellence in its target markets by offering effective and modern banking solutions in accordance with Islamic Sharia, to meet the financial needs of all segments of the community as we are dedicated to upholding the principle of participation in earnings.

In the midst of their interest in strengthening the bank's status, the bank’s leaders contribute effectively to the sustainable development of the community socially and economically by implementing sustainable projects with a positive and permanent impact. In 2016, the total community contribution of the bank amounted to approximately to US $800,000.

The Bank is proud of its position as a leading retail Islamic bank, as we continue to focus our services and programs to individuals by giving them the best return on investment in accordance with the provisions of Islamic law.

It is a testament to our efforts that we have won awards in this area such as the CPI Financial Awards in 2015 and 2016 respectively as the best Islamic retail bank as well as The Banker Magazine award in 2013, to name few.

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