Palestine Islamic Bank has been nominated for many international awards from recognized banking and financial institutions and has earned a high repute in the banking industry.

Palestine Islamic Bank accepts these nominations with eagerness to give its clients an added value reinforcing their trust, in addition to the contribution of such awards to the Islamic banking community worldwide.

The Bank has been awarded with the following awards:

  • Banker’s Magazine for Best Islamic Bank in Palestine for 2013
  • CPI Financial Magazine’s Best Islamic Retail Bank in Levant for 2015 and Best Islamic Retail Bank in Palestine for 2016
  • IFN Magazine’s Best Islamic Bank in Palestine for 2015

جائزة أفضل بنك اسلامي في فلسطين للعام 2013
جائزة أفضل تجزئة إسلامي في بلاد الشام للعام 2015 وفقا لمجلة CPI Financial
جائزة أفضل بنك إسلامي في فلسطين للعام 2015 من مجلة IFN
جائزة أفضل بنك تجزئة إسلامي في فلسطين للعام 2016 وفقا لمجلة CPI Financial