Palestine Islamic Bank’s Shari'a Supervisory Board consists of Sharia scholars of high repute in Palestine with Dr. Ali Al Sartawi all possessing the necessary experience and in-depth knowledge in Shariah doctrine for banking and financial transactions in compliance with Islamic law. The Board contributes to the development of programmes, funding and investment products and supervises all procedures and transactions through the forensic auditing department at the Bank, guaranteeing the legitimacy of those transactions and commitment to the Islamic Finance Principles.

Dr. Ali Al Sartawi

Chairman of the Shari'a Supervisory Board

His Excellency received a doctorate from the University of Jordan in 1997 on with a comparative study on the principle of legality.He has served as Minister of Justice in the National Unity Government. He also served as Dean of the Faculty of Law and Sharia at the Annajah National University, and is the head of the Department of Jurisprudence and Legislation, and is a member of a supervisory & control body at the Al Aqsa Bank.He is currently an associate professor of civil law at the Faculty of Law at the National Najah University and he is the Chairman of the Supervisory Authority at the Takaful Insurance Company. In addition he is also the Chairman of the Supervisory Authority at the Palestinian Ijarah Company.

Prof. Hussam El-Din Afaneh

Board Member

Prof. Afaneh holds a PhD in jurisprudence and the origins of Islamic law from the University of Umm Al Qura in Saudi Arabia having earned his distinctions in 1985. He is one of the leading scholars in the field of private financial transactions jurisprudence (Fiqh). He is also a Professor of jurisprudence at the University of Jerusalem. He has been active in the field of Islamic Financial Transactions publishing a number of papers and books in the field since 1994 with over 70 books and papers authored by him and 58 masters & doctorate candidate submissions having been supervised by him while contributing to 42 post graduate thesis discussions & presentations.

Prof. Maher Hamed Al Houli

Board Member

Prof. Al Houli was awarded the Scientific Research Award in the category of Islamic Studies in 2008. He holds a PhD in jurisprudence and its origins and serves as the Dean of the Faculty of Sharia and Law at the Islamic University of Gaza. He is also the head of the Authority of Fatwa & Shariah at the Association of Palestinian Scholars, the Chairman of the Palestinian Society for Islamic Social Rehabilitation as well as the head of the Fatwa Committee at the Islamic University of Gaza as well as other positions.

As well as overseeing masters and doctorate proposals and delivering training courses in the areas of contemporary financial transactions, Prof. al Houli holds memberships on a number of editorial boards of several journals such as the Journal of the Islamic University of Gaza, the Scientific Journal at the Jerusalem Association for Research and Islamic studies.

He has authored several books and scientific literature taught at University for undergraduate and masters programs as well as having published a number of other scientific research papers.